Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2016 Coastal Junior Golf Tour season! We are very excited about another outstanding schedule of events for your kids this summer!

It should be noted that Coastal Junior Golf  Tour is for experienced junior golfers, and children will be required to walk and carry their own bags (pull carts may be allowed at certain facilities). Your child should already be able to play (walking) in +/- 2 hours per nine holes and understand basic rules of golf in order to participate.  For this summer we are instituting a qualifier to ensure readiness for the 18 hole divisions. Beginners and 9 holers will participate in the PGA Junior League (separate schedule). If you are unsure if your child is ready, you may have your local golf professional evaluate your child, or contact myself to set up a time to do so. (Also see guidelines under tour schedules)

Some other points you should be aware of for this summer:

  • Your children will adhere to a Code of Conduct set forth by the tour, please review with your child and make sure that you both understand it.
  • Registration into tournaments via phone, email, or text must be done by Friday before each event. It is important that we have an accurate list of who is participating, as space may be limited, and pairings need to be delivered to the host course in advance. No late entries will be accepted unless there is a twosome in that age group.
  • It is each players responsibility to know their starting time and hole, and to be at their tee 5 minutes before their tee time. Failure to do so could result in disqualification from the event
  • Please make sure children have a lunch/snack packed or money so they can get something at the turn or when they finish. It is important in the extreme summer heat that they also have a bottle of ice water or sports drink with them as well. Encourage the kids to wear sunblock, and /or have a small wet towel to keep them cool.
  • Please make sure children are picked up from the golf course in a timely manner (within a half hour of projected finish time).

Clinics may be offered (site TBD). Individual lessons also available.

I look forward to an exciting summer of competition, fun, and camaraderie. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.

Yours in Golf,

Craig Sandstrum, PGA
Coastal Junior Golf Tour
Tournament Director

Coastal Junior Golf Tour
2016 Membership Application

Please fill out completely and neatly!


DOB:______/______/______   Male      Female



Parent/ Guardian Name:________________________Phone#:________________

Cell #:__________________________Work #:___________________________

Email Address:___________________Fax #:_____________________________

High School Graduation Year:___________Current School & Grade:____________

I have played golf for _______years. Average Score or Handicap:_______________

Home Course:__________________________Club Pro:___________________

If not Wilmington, Hometown newspaper:________________________________

Age Divisions: Advanced Tour: Boys & Girls  14-17 18 holes  *must be able to score 95 or less for 18 holes.
Boys & Girls 12-13  18 holes * must be able to score 100 or less for 18 holes.

Membership Fee: Advanced Tour, $65.00, ($55.00 for First Tee members as of spring 2016)

Tournament Fees: $20 per event ** (Advanced Tour)

**Subject to change based on individual facility fees

Non-Tour Members: $35 per event (Advanced Tour)***
***(not eligible for year end tournament)

Complete and return along with Membership Fee (payable to CJGT) to:
Craig Sandstrum, PGA
Coastal Junior Golf Tour
P.O. Box 4063
Wilmington, NC 28403

Coastal Junior Golf Tour
Code of Conduct

The Coastal Junior Golf Tour is proud to offer a schedule of outstanding host facilities. In order for the tour to succeed, it is imperative that all participants treat all officials, volunteers, each other, and the host facilities with the utmost respect. The Code of Conduct is meant to be adhered to by all tour participants at all times during tour events and functions. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to outline proper behavior reflective of the traditions of the game, which requires honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, and courtesy to fellow players.

Dress Code:
• Collared shirts are to be worn and tucked in at all times
• Hats or visors shall be worn facing forward only
• Fashion shirts without collar are acceptable for girls
• Shorts are to be no more than 4 inches above the knee
• Tank tops, tee shirts, denim, cut offs, gym shorts or bathing suits are prohibited
• Proper attire is required at all times, if a host facility has a stricter dress code, theirs          will take precedence.
Code of Conduct Violations:
• Club throwing, slamming, abusive language, abuse to host golf course or facilities
• Disrespecting Tour officials, volunteers, fellow competitors, or host facility staff
• Use of tobacco, tobacco products, drugs, or alcohol
• Cheating
• Not following dress code
• Leaving course / withdrawing from competition without giving proper notice
• Riding in a golf cart at host facility other than authorized shuttles
• Vandalism or abusive behavior to a host facility or their property
Code of Conduct Violation Penalties:
• A one stroke penalty for each act of unsportsmanlike behavior on the golf course. More than two in the same event equals automatic disqualification from event.
• A serious act of unsportsmanlike behavior may result in a player being immediately disqualified from the event, and automatic disqualification from the next event as well.
• Any serious breach of Code of Conduct will result in a written letter to the player and parents/guardian and may require formal meeting to discuss action.
• Suspension of player’s playing privileges indefinitely.
• Any player penalized for Code of Conduct violations will not be eligible for any end of year awards.
I have read and understand the Coastal Junior Golf Tour Code of Conduct.
Members Signature:_________________________________________________
Parent / Guardian Signature:___________________________________________

2016 Coastal Junior Golf Tour
 Tour Schedule

Date                                 Course                                                          Tee Time

Monday  June 13th       Wilmington Municipal **       Qualifier             1:30

Monday June 20th       Wilmington Municipal

Monday June 27th          Country Club of Landfall

Wednesday July 6th       River Landing Country Club

Monday July 11th           Castle Bay CC                                                         1:00

Monday July 18th           Cape Fear National

Wednesday July 27th     Porter’s Neck

Wednesday August 10th  Magnolia Greens

Two Day Tour Championship ***(must qualify to play)

Monday August 15th        Cape Fear Country Club                               TBA
2nd Round TBA

Monday August 22nd       Bald Head Island *                         TBD, PM

Schedule subject to change!!

* Participants should be prepared to catch 11:00 ferry to Bald Head Island.
$45 entry for this event only includes ferry for players only; parents/spectators are responsible for purchasing own ferry ticket at regular price. Nonmember fee for this event is $65.

*** Top 15 (Boys 14-17)  qualify for Tour Championship, top 9 in all other age groups **
** Qualifier, new participants and some returning with averages greater than 100

Tee times will be available on website ( 48 hours prior to tournament.

Pace of play is a big issue at our events. In order for the tour to continue to play the finest courses in our area, we must keep up the pace of play and not interfere with normal play at the courses that day.

If your child cannot get around the course in a timely manner, he/she may be limited to nine holes only (if in an older age group). We will put them at a tee length that gives them the best opportunity for success. In general we strive for a pace of play of no more than 2 hours 15 minutes for nine holes, and 4 hours 30 minutes for 18 holes.

Ability has a big factor in pace of play. A guideline for ability to play on the Advanced Tour:

Ages 12 & over:  Should be able to shoot better than 55 for nine holes or average less than 110 from tees 5700-6300 yards

Ages 9 -11: Should be able to shoot under 60 for nine holes from tees 2300-2600 yards

If your child is over these limits, please consider signing them up for PGA Junior League Team!

The Coastal Junior Golf Tour is a program designed to provide youth the opportunity to participate, further develop their skills, enjoy and compete on a level that provides a competitive challenge. The Coastal Junior Golf Tour is a 501-C7 nonprofit corporation.

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